The Trenton Photo Club’s objective is to unite photographers; experienced, non-experienced and the beginner who share the common interest, Trenton New Jersey. It doesn’t matter if you take pictures with a cell phone, DSLR or film camera, you are welcome to join us and explore all of the photographic opportunities that Trenton has to offer. By collaborating with a wide range of photographers, we will all learn something new and become better at what we love to do.

You’ll be invited to various meet ups, photo walks & bike tours that will take place in and around Trenton. If you or another member has an idea for a project, meet up or anything else that you would like TPC to do, please share your ideas! This group is all about meeting other photographers and sharing tips and stories that surround this great hobby that we all have in common.

You do not have to be a Trenton resident in order to be a part of this club. It is open to anyone and everyone who has a love of photography AND an interest in Trenton! That said it is a Club. We will remove members who show disregard to the rules of the club, attack other members or are negative towards the City of Trenton. 

– Exploring the sometimes hidden beauty that is Trenton NJ through the lens
– Be a point of collaboration to organize exhibitions and outings among group members
– And of course, having fun while making the city of Trenton a better place!

The most powerful thing that shoots is a CAMERA.

Group started July 12th, 2014 Chris Marinari

  • Mill Hill Park
  • Elarslie by Kevin Duddy
  • Lucky 17 Photography

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